Sunday, March 25, 2012

You know what?

Fuck you guys. Fuck ALL of you guys. I tried to be friendly. I tried to be hospitable. And everything I do just gets spat back in my face.

I just wanted to write a story about a guy who fights a cool-looking monster I saw on the internet. I just wanted to get involved with writing groups again, maybe make some friends. I just wanted to apologize, goddammit! I don't even know what the fuck I DID to make you so pissed at me, Val, but I wanted to apologize for it!

But no! You had to go abuse my trust and stab me in the back after everything I've done for you! I didn't question it when you and your friend looked like you'd been in more bar fights than I'd seen in my life! I didn't pester you when you spent all your time on the computer looking up fucking over the counter opiates for your masochistic friend there! I SHOULD have thrown you out when I found blood all over my couch, but I fucking didn't! Because you were my FRIEND, Valerie Simmons.

It's just a goddamn writing project. I don't know why you hate me enough to not even let me have that. That you'd go so far as to call me with details of a crossover, tell me to get it done "right fucking now" like it's some big emergency, and then call me a liar in front of the whole community. IT'S FUCKING FICTION, VAL. Just because you and your friend are living our of your car for some damn reason doesn't mean you get to be so goddamn dramatic. OR use your blog's popularity to turn the entire fucking internet against me to satisfy your grudge!

So fine. YOU WIN. No more slenderblog for me. Are you fucking happy?

Just... fuck you, man. I don't have to take this abuse. I'm OUT.

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  1. Friends don't beg to get involved with crossovers and then when denied that, point out real life problems on their fiction to blackmail them into agreeing.

    Whether that's what you intended or not, that is what you clearly did in her comments.

    Look back over the comments on the "back" post of Ryuu's blog. You claimed later to be worried for her but if that was true, why did you start off trying to get involved with the fiction?

    No. You were denied so you used real life problems as a way to get what you want.

    You're a monster.

    For the record. The problem everyone had with your writing was the fact you were GAMEJACKING people like Messenger. Stealing their ideas without asking.

    This whole shitstorm just added to problems.

    Also. "the whole internet?" Barely anyone's even acknowledged your presence because of your gamejacking, let alone this.

    And you know what? For all you know; her writing fiction could be a coping mechanism.

    Next time you want to show care to what you consider a friend, how about you use a little common human decency and actually go show it and NOT call her out over the internet just to get what you want.

    That just makes you look like one hell of a cruel individual.

    It's no wonder I'm so jaded about humanity when I see things like this.

    A disgusted fan of the slenderverse.