Sunday, March 25, 2012

Houseguests Again

...and their already causing trouble. Nothing I can't handle, of course, but Jesus, I'm a busy guy.

Valerie and Michelle were out with that guy that also came, Spencer I think. Of course, I shook his hand and made sure he knew to keep the girls out of danger. Michelle went off with him, and Valerie stuck around the huose for a while until she got bored and went off somewhere else.

Anyway, after they were gone for a while, I got a phone call from Valerie. She sounded prety frantic, but I managed to gather that Michelle and that Spencer guy were in trouble, that their lives were in danger! I knew that guy didn't have what it took. so I didn't waste another minute, I loaded up with a couple throwing knives and also the pistol I mentioned before (I have a permit for it don't worry), got in my car, and drove to where val said they were.

Bu the time I got there, it was already chaos. I don't know what happened, and Michelle still hasn't told me, but all I could see were Michelle and that guy running down the deserted road outside of town, and at least ten guys chasing behind them with various weapons, all of them with bloodlust in their eyes.

I didn't stop to think, I didn't even question it. I just shot my pistol in the air once to get their attention, then moved my car in between michelle and the persuers. A Few of them looked like they wanted to come nearer, but I just pointed my gun at the mand they backed right the fuck down.

Some say never bring a knife to a gun fight. I say always bring a gun to a knife fight.

They both got in my car and we drove back to my place. The other guys didn't follow us, and Michelle still hasn't told me what they wanted from her.

She seemed really scared.

Val's taking care of her now. Im hoping I'll get some answers soon, cause that was really fucking bizarre. Thank god Arryen went back to her parent's house this weekend.

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