Sunday, March 25, 2012

You know what?

Fuck you guys. Fuck ALL of you guys. I tried to be friendly. I tried to be hospitable. And everything I do just gets spat back in my face.

I just wanted to write a story about a guy who fights a cool-looking monster I saw on the internet. I just wanted to get involved with writing groups again, maybe make some friends. I just wanted to apologize, goddammit! I don't even know what the fuck I DID to make you so pissed at me, Val, but I wanted to apologize for it!

But no! You had to go abuse my trust and stab me in the back after everything I've done for you! I didn't question it when you and your friend looked like you'd been in more bar fights than I'd seen in my life! I didn't pester you when you spent all your time on the computer looking up fucking over the counter opiates for your masochistic friend there! I SHOULD have thrown you out when I found blood all over my couch, but I fucking didn't! Because you were my FRIEND, Valerie Simmons.

It's just a goddamn writing project. I don't know why you hate me enough to not even let me have that. That you'd go so far as to call me with details of a crossover, tell me to get it done "right fucking now" like it's some big emergency, and then call me a liar in front of the whole community. IT'S FUCKING FICTION, VAL. Just because you and your friend are living our of your car for some damn reason doesn't mean you get to be so goddamn dramatic. OR use your blog's popularity to turn the entire fucking internet against me to satisfy your grudge!

So fine. YOU WIN. No more slenderblog for me. Are you fucking happy?

Just... fuck you, man. I don't have to take this abuse. I'm OUT.

Houseguests Again

...and their already causing trouble. Nothing I can't handle, of course, but Jesus, I'm a busy guy.

Valerie and Michelle were out with that guy that also came, Spencer I think. Of course, I shook his hand and made sure he knew to keep the girls out of danger. Michelle went off with him, and Valerie stuck around the huose for a while until she got bored and went off somewhere else.

Anyway, after they were gone for a while, I got a phone call from Valerie. She sounded prety frantic, but I managed to gather that Michelle and that Spencer guy were in trouble, that their lives were in danger! I knew that guy didn't have what it took. so I didn't waste another minute, I loaded up with a couple throwing knives and also the pistol I mentioned before (I have a permit for it don't worry), got in my car, and drove to where val said they were.

Bu the time I got there, it was already chaos. I don't know what happened, and Michelle still hasn't told me, but all I could see were Michelle and that guy running down the deserted road outside of town, and at least ten guys chasing behind them with various weapons, all of them with bloodlust in their eyes.

I didn't stop to think, I didn't even question it. I just shot my pistol in the air once to get their attention, then moved my car in between michelle and the persuers. A Few of them looked like they wanted to come nearer, but I just pointed my gun at the mand they backed right the fuck down.

Some say never bring a knife to a gun fight. I say always bring a gun to a knife fight.

They both got in my car and we drove back to my place. The other guys didn't follow us, and Michelle still hasn't told me what they wanted from her.

She seemed really scared.

Val's taking care of her now. Im hoping I'll get some answers soon, cause that was really fucking bizarre. Thank god Arryen went back to her parent's house this weekend.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Information

Arryen's doing pretty good. Or as well as can be expected, anyhway. Her hands were pretty badly damaged, and shes an artist, so it'll be awhile before she gets over that.

But the good news is, even though she couldn't identify any of her captors, she was able to remember quite alot about the various locations she was taken to. My uncle's already on it, and I'll be joinning him soon.

Hopefully we'll be able to put those fuckers away.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lead and Leader

Holy shit does my uncle Alex know how to get things done!

It all went down yesterdy. The FEDs were finally able to match a security camera id with a fingerprint and, long-story short, they tracked down Arryen's location! I Was a little anoyed that they went ahead without me, but i guess that's protocol. by the time the police got there, Apparently they were getting ready to move again, but we were too fast for them this time! So now she's in the hospital for shock, but she's coming home with me soon, I dn't care what they say.

I told uncle Alex of my suspicious about Agent Fist. He said itll be hard to get anything solid enough on him to get him detained for questioning, but he'll look into it.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Alone again

Valerie and her friend left this afternoon. With out even a thank you I might add! I swear, youd think after this long she'd forgive me. I KNOW i was an ass. But its obvious that I'm a different person now. I've... I've had a lot of help with that, honestly.

Her friend seemed to like me well enough though. That Mitch girl with her arm in a sling. She defended me a couple times when Val started yelling at me again. I guess she was as surprised as I was at how Val was acting around me (something about "jeez, I thought *I* was the violent one" haha) She's also the one who appologized for the blood on the living room carpet. and Even though I was pretty pissed about it, I will admit that the bathroom is way too small for two people.

whatever. They're gone now, and I'm all by my lonesome again. Plenty of time to work on some important projects. I Just got word from my uncle that several corrupt FBI officers were taken in for questioning. I might finally be onto a lead.

Friday, March 2, 2012

New Start

What is WRONG with you people?? The love of my life could be dead by now and none of you even give a fuck. Well fuck Eternity, fuck the Messenger, and fuckthe rest of you. So I make a few typeos sometimes, who gives a shit?

*sigh* IN OTHER NEWS, I Have a couple of houseguests lately. These people right here: and And let me just say Val, that slander is not cool. IM being nice enough to put yuo up for as long as you need, and the first thing you do is spread a bunch of damn rumours about me? What the fuck? The tall bastard could show up any minit and you're stirring trouble for no reason!

(he wont come, btw, I have more wards in place then I know what to do with, but the point stands)

Anyway, just letting anyone who cares (noone apparantly) that Im still alive and still searching for Arreyn. I need her back in my life. I Don't know what to do with out her.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Beginnings of Vengence

Well I just barely got out of there with my life. But I'm not through with those bastards yet.

See, they underestimate my ability to find the things I want to know. I have friends in high places, oh yes, and it wasn't hard at all to pull a few strings. My uncle in particular is higher up in the CIA even than Fisk, and when I told him my girlfriend was in danger, he didn't hesitate to get me the information I needed.

Which is how I wound up face to face with none other than Eternity himself.

He was shorter than I expected. Maybe it was just that he seemed smaller inside the enormous cathedral (the same one the messenger met him at), or maybe it was that the sheer, burning loathing I was running on made me feel bigger. All I knew was, after everything, it was down to him and I.

"I wasn't sure you were coming," he said with a bit of a chuckle.

I leveled my M1911 pistol at him. "This thing is loaded with .38 caliber silver bulluts, so why don't you cut the pleasantries and tell me where my girlfriend is! What do you want with her?" I said.

"Her? She was merely a means to get to you, Dimitri. Between your fighting skills, your government contacts, and your knowledge of the arcane, you are in a very interesting position, possibly a dangerous one. Even if you hadnt been sticking your nose where it doesn't belog, we would have come for you eventually," he said.

"Oh yeah? And what is is that you want with me?" I said.

"For now? Nothing. But a day will come when one of us will call on you for a favor and as long as we have her you cannot refuse us," he said.

"You give her back to me or you will regret it!!!!!" I said.

I fired two shots but that was all I had time for because suddenly the room grew dark and gravity seemed to shift a great deal to the side. Eternity screamed so I know I hit him somewhere, definitely his hand and probably his leg to. Then there was this enormous, gleaming white face in front of me, and all was darkness. I don't know how I got out, but I'm not finished yet, not by a long shot.