Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Beginnings of Vengence

Well I just barely got out of there with my life. But I'm not through with those bastards yet.

See, they underestimate my ability to find the things I want to know. I have friends in high places, oh yes, and it wasn't hard at all to pull a few strings. My uncle in particular is higher up in the CIA even than Fisk, and when I told him my girlfriend was in danger, he didn't hesitate to get me the information I needed.

Which is how I wound up face to face with none other than Eternity himself.

He was shorter than I expected. Maybe it was just that he seemed smaller inside the enormous cathedral (the same one the messenger met him at), or maybe it was that the sheer, burning loathing I was running on made me feel bigger. All I knew was, after everything, it was down to him and I.

"I wasn't sure you were coming," he said with a bit of a chuckle.

I leveled my M1911 pistol at him. "This thing is loaded with .38 caliber silver bulluts, so why don't you cut the pleasantries and tell me where my girlfriend is! What do you want with her?" I said.

"Her? She was merely a means to get to you, Dimitri. Between your fighting skills, your government contacts, and your knowledge of the arcane, you are in a very interesting position, possibly a dangerous one. Even if you hadnt been sticking your nose where it doesn't belog, we would have come for you eventually," he said.

"Oh yeah? And what is is that you want with me?" I said.

"For now? Nothing. But a day will come when one of us will call on you for a favor and as long as we have her you cannot refuse us," he said.

"You give her back to me or you will regret it!!!!!" I said.

I fired two shots but that was all I had time for because suddenly the room grew dark and gravity seemed to shift a great deal to the side. Eternity screamed so I know I hit him somewhere, definitely his hand and probably his leg to. Then there was this enormous, gleaming white face in front of me, and all was darkness. I don't know how I got out, but I'm not finished yet, not by a long shot.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

They took her.

They took Arreyn and THEY. WILL. PAY.

I recieved a text message from Arryn's phone detailing a time and place for a meeting. Those proxy bastards will regret the day they messed with me. They took her because they know I have information that could hurt them, but soon they'll see why the Gaelic jester was just as feared as any knight!

Hold on Areyn. I'm coming for you baby.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

By the Light of the Moon

...by the light of a star
Count how many dreams there are

...No one said I couldn't have my whimsical moments.

Granted, I'm not feeling particularly whimsical tonight. My girlfriend Arryn is over, and I'm starting to feel worried for her. Arreyn Jennifer (thats her name no lie)is a model but she doesn't make much money and lives in a dinky little woodsey shack somewhere, and she's kind of one of those "at risk" people for stalking, if yu take my meaning. She called today and said she felt like she was being watched, so I invited her over to my place for the night.and cast every ward I could think of. You can never be too careful with the slendrman.

Im writing this while holding her She's asleep in my arms right now. We're so lucky to have found eachother. shes beautiful, smart, and independent and doesn't need anybody's help to take care of herself. but sometimes, every so often, she'll say its only me she needs, and how much she loves me. it's an amazing feeling to be needed like that, like she'd collapse utterly if i wasnt there for her. which works, because I'd tear apart Heaven and Hell for her, ten times over. Anyone goes near her, they have to answer to me.

Friday, December 9, 2011

More theories

I've been trying to think f some ways to kill the slender man, using the knowledge and abilities I have at my disposal. Fire appears to work well. I seem to remember both Zeke and Robert utilizing fire as a waepon, both with desent results (desent meaning they got out alive, hehe) It makes sense to me tho, because fire is what's called a "prime" element, and is always one of the points in a pentacle, no matter what culture you're from. I also think fire's relevence as a light-source is relevent-it illuminates the dark world and was one of the first things to drive fear from the subconcious-but it remains to be seen if other light-sources could do the same. has anyone tried electricity yet? The fundamental principals should be the same, but it needs testing out.

Another idea Binding his arms somehow might do something because it is akin to suffering the fear he puts on others- the fear of total entrapment, of being unable to moveo r escape. Or placing him on a high point. Since he can't figure out stairs or height well, he can't process it.