Wednesday, November 30, 2011


My girlfriend called me yesterday. She's getting pretty worried about me. I'm not surprised, It's pretty dangerous stuff I'm digging into. But I can't let her know about it, for her own safety. But I told her we could cuddle later, maybe "de-stress" ourselves if you know what i mean. hehe.

I also thought I saw a proxie tailing me earlier. I was furious at myself for not bringing my knife with me, but I lost him pretty easily after only a few turns so maybe he wasn't following me after all. Either way, I'll have to keep a sharper eye out in the future.

Somebody doesn't like all the research I've been diong.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Pardon my lengthly absense. I had a lot going on, but Ive been doing some research in my spare time.

First off, it seems like the slender man, or the Tall Man as he's known to his slaves, is an eldtritch entity, either born from the darkest fears of humans or feeds on the paranoia of the subconsicous. Regardless, Slenderman exists through the ages and does so in the modern day as well, though a flaw has appeared to him. Photographs of him can reavel him to the viewer, though only at a second glance of the picture in question. Hence his need for proxies. Too much revealed to the public at large and he is weakened and vulunerable.

The first postulate of this theory was a amn named Robert who discovered the fact that Slenderman was appearing in photographs. Though his research into Slenderman drove him made, Robert was able to pass this knowledge along and in doing so enabling those he passed it along to defy Slenderman. Since Slenderman is the product of the unconsicous 'mythos', these people may fight thsemves into the mthoys by taking up roles as 'sage', 'guardian' 'hero'

So if thats the case then If it was that simple then why hasn't it been done already? Why are millions of innocent people still living in fear?? Oh yes ladies and gentlemen there is a certain amount of deception involved! I believe that The proxy heirarchy, the very nature of proxies themselves actually, are at the root. They hide the construct's true purpose.

I've got a bit more research to do before I can offer any definite answers. But fear not, the wait should not be as long this time. Until next time, I remain ever faithful,

Her Majesty's Fool