Friday, March 2, 2012

New Start

What is WRONG with you people?? The love of my life could be dead by now and none of you even give a fuck. Well fuck Eternity, fuck the Messenger, and fuckthe rest of you. So I make a few typeos sometimes, who gives a shit?

*sigh* IN OTHER NEWS, I Have a couple of houseguests lately. These people right here: and And let me just say Val, that slander is not cool. IM being nice enough to put yuo up for as long as you need, and the first thing you do is spread a bunch of damn rumours about me? What the fuck? The tall bastard could show up any minit and you're stirring trouble for no reason!

(he wont come, btw, I have more wards in place then I know what to do with, but the point stands)

Anyway, just letting anyone who cares (noone apparantly) that Im still alive and still searching for Arreyn. I need her back in my life. I Don't know what to do with out her.


  1. Oh don't worry, I'm watching with bated breath, I can't wait to see how you use your mastery of the arcane and your goverment contacts to rescue your supermodel girlfreind. Whatever her name is ;-).

  2. Don't you mean Areyn. Or was it Aryn? Hell if I know. I mean...would you expect a carpenter to remember every tool ever used?

    You know, I'm on my downtime and I was gonna ignore this but I thought 'hell hazama, you deserve some fun, spoil yourself. SPRING for the opportunity'

    But seriously. Enjoy your wards kid because let me share some pro advice.

    That girl? That girl you oh so love and yet can't keep her name consistent.

    She doesn't.

    1. Probably blind by now.

      Or Dead

      Or in A Fate Worse Than Death.

      Maybe all of the above.

      I mean, we already know you can't shoot for shit since Eternity's all perfectly healthy.

      Clap. Clap. Clap. I should really send that guy a fruit basket, for being sporting enough to give a fake yell of pain for ya.

      Real crowd pleaser that one, boost the enemy's ego.

      And then bring out the twist and crush them brutally.

      But don't worry, I'm sure you'll get her back. A cold, lifeless broken corpse...But hey, you can't have everything right kiddo?

    2. But you know what, I get it.

      You think you've seen some pretty messed up stuff right? But are you serious? you CAN'T be serious. Do you really think anyone gives a shit...WAKE UP

      I suggest, NO. I INSIST that you sit back and watch the show. You said it yourself "who gives a shit." Right back at'cha.

      I mean the way your girlfriend goes and gets herself captured and probably dies is just an incredible commentary on the futility of life...don't ya think?

      Is this too much for your heart to handle? COME ON. I'M JUST GETTING STARTED.

      Try and remember this kid.

      This. Is. War.

      Compassion? Sympathy? Teamwork? What do you think this is? a TEA PARTY? You won't find any of that here. Little boys who still piss themselves when shit starts to get real don't belong.

      So burn that information into whatever little nugget you've got for a brain and PLEASE try to be at least skilfully entertaining...please.

      You're like the worst runner ever, at least the others would give me good material to work on.

      I guess I'll just have to find out where Eternity lives and have some fun there. Be more entertaining than THIS.

    3. No, stop harrassing him, he's going to stop writing again, and as much as I hate to admit it, people writing just to pretend they're rediciously awesome (overcompensation is painfully ovbious, but you can still get a kick out of it) and make pathetic attempts at gamejacking is amusing to me. At least when they write in coherant sentences and actually look like they're trying. Plus if he keeps writing we get to see how he reacts when he finds out that the Slender Man is real, rather than some peice of internet fiction, and that will be just priceless.

      Dear Amadaum: Pay no heed to this man's petty insults, your writing is of the highest quality, and during the time which you failed to post I was very upset. Please continue writeing your story here, I really am egaer to find out how your story turns out.

    4. Harrassing? You see something wrong with a "proxy" for lack of a better term trolling a Runner?

      Ohhhhh no, we're gonna keep this going. Truth be told i'm a little envious. I'm not really much of a fighter.

      How am I supposed to deal with this man who is bigger and badder than Zeke?

      I mean, magical wards. Man i'm outgunned.

      It would be such a shame if he went and stopped writing because his feelings got hurt.

      Be such a shame if Karma screwed him over.

      Yes, keep writing Amadaun, the anonymous one is correct.

      I've got SO MUCH FUN to continue.

      Make sure you find yourself a high chair to sit on. You know...the baby ones. Want you watch the show from up high and not get hurt.

    5. Oh I love a good troll as much as the next person, don't get me wrong. But this blog is my guilty pleasure, I really would be dissapointed if he stopped blogging because of hurt feelings.

      Of course I'm still open to Karma screwing him over.

      Please continue your trolling, Hazama, just be sure to spread it out a little more. You can't troll someone who isn't even posting because you scared him off.

      Though, as long as we're doing this... It's a typo when you put your instead of you're, or there instead of their, or even yuo (Maybe you should hit spellcheck before you sumbit your post, it'll catch things like that last one at least). When it's consistiantly misspelling your "girlfreinds" name in mulitple diffrent ways, well that's just being mean. But what do I know, I just usually try to spell the names of people I'm apathetic too correctly, not to mention the few whose company I actually enjoy.

  3. Hey Amadaun, we're buddies right?

    Looking back over your posts, I got to say.

    Did ya miss the obvious conspiracy you're wrapped up in? You comment that you hope no one takes your girlfriend, just days later she's taken.

    I'm PRETTY sure, she's a spy. I mean Eternity said it himself right? You're important. They're all using you old buddy, old pal.

    But don't worry, I'm sure you'll get her back on your side. what with the power of love and your ARCANE ARTS.

    Man, you really are important. I mean to have all this conspiracy and interest around's just...astounding really.

    Why, If I didn't know better, I might assume you're actually just trying to make yourself look cool and awesome. be a hero.

    But we all know that's not true right? You are the hero we need and deserve.

    Posting this from a farm is really annoying you know. I'm smelling soooo much bull shit around me.

    You know...from all these bulls.